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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 7, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's friday and it's time for the rtm count down. when you realize that's a man wedged between two buildings, you think that poor dude -- >> but there is more to the story that might change your
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mind. >> why he is more of a slippery character than he appears. >> a clean freak goes out on a edge with his bottle of class cleaner. >> life can be so difficult. >> oh, i hate that. >> see the viral hit from one guy about foot packaging. and the cup trick blowing up the web. why there is a familiar face behind that behind. >> i thought i've seen that butt before. >> it's time to get our count down started with our number ten video of the day. you can run, but watch where you side -- >> this is in san jose, and this is 32-year-old arturo, who was stuck? the area between a hardware store and a strip mall.
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he fell 20 feet down in this area and had to be rescued. he is banged up, got cuts and bruises, you feel bad for him now, but there's more to the story that might change your mind. according to police, earlier this guy was followed by police for speeding. he wrecked it honda civic into another car, he left a woman injured at the scene, he ran away, goes to a rooftop, as he is trying to flee police, this is where he ends up. he calls a family member and says i'm stuck, can you come save me? that doesn't work, so what does he do next? he calls police and says hey, i'm stuck down here, come and save me. >> the same police who are currently looking for this guy. >> yes, but when the police show
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up, he makes up a story saying he was being chased by two guys with knives and that's why he fell down in this position. >> he was probably being chased by two guys in uniforms with guns. they start to figure out that his story doesn't add, they realize he informs the accident and there was a warrant out for his arrest. she charged with felony hit-and-run. nobody likes cleaning windows unless of course you can turn it into an adventure at number nine. sometimes, you just got to get things clean. we got this video, and look what this guy is doing.
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>> and barefoot -- >> no protection, holding on to the window with his bottle of class cleaner. >> he is three stories above the ground level. >> this guy is in the zone. you get that cleaning zone where you look at every little inch of your place. >> i think he is about to move out of this place and he wanted to make sure he got his deposit back. >> this is making me nervous just watching him out here just holding on with his hand, what if aig strongi not that narrow ledge, maybe that's why he's so bold to get up there. >> the scariest part is when he is crouching down. listen to the people that happen to catch this on camera. [ bleep ]. >> blown away by this guy
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crawling out the window -- if he falls, he has a long way before he lands. >> we're counting down to our number one pick of the day. first, at number eight, what the heck? >> incredibly short video, but also incredibly disgusting. this is a robbery happening on the pspot, very quickly, in the middle of traffic. >> the guy in white is being robbed? >> the guy is the white is being robbed of his backpack and bike by three armed men. >> this is terrifying. >> this is a 20 second video. by the time we get to the end of the video, they're getting done and they leave. >> this happened on a road in brazil. >> how brazen, too, right in
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broad daylight with a ton of people around. it's like being filmed from a bus. this poor guy, his cell phone and wallet could be in there -- b. >> the fact that you're just riding your motorcycle one second and the next second you're being robbed. >> number seven, nothing is sacred in war. >> the world is looking at syria because they're in a civil war. 20,000 people are believed dead. look at this vid know. this was posted on youtube, and as you see, this city has been hit by gunfire and violence. look at this over to the right.
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[ yelling ] >> wow. >> it just falls over. two thinkigs could have happene. it could have been a missile strike, or it could have been a controlled explosion. >> the guy behind the camera had to know it was coming. why else would he record this right before it came down? >> there was a noticeable hole, and that could have caused it to topple. this city is almost vacant, and just a few people are coming to check it out. >> this is like a wasteland. >> think about the amount of people that left syria. over 100,000 people in just one month left because things are s against jets and helicopters.
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>> it must be completely frightenning every single day. she spits, and the cop raises the ante. see the story behind this one on our count down. the radar gun is out. >> for people on bikes. >> see
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welcome back to the rtm top ten countdown. we're at our number six video, and this one has to feel pretty familiar. >> life can really be so difficult. especially when you're trying to maneuver around your kitchen trying to open the packaging of some products. >> oh, i hate that. that's the worst. >> the can tab tear --
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>> some of these i see, some of these are a little exaggerated. it's not that hard to open honey bunches of oats. >> i break the tab all the time. >> this guy is basically giving food packaging companies grief because they're packaging really does suck. >> i hate when they put that little label on a plum because . >> the biggest is the ketchup. >> i love the pleated jeans guy. >> case of beer or soda, and you pull it out and they all come rolling out. >> and it's supposed to be a can
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holder. >> bacon, the biggest conspirator. >> right now, it's time for a little bonus video here on the count down. >> i have a feeling this next one will be stuck in your head all day for a lot of reasons. ♪ selling is service, and service is selling ♪ >> what are they selling? >> going to the customers to make them feel all right. >> i'm buying all these products with oh so much delight. >> i came across this, what appears to be a training video for some sort of gift shop with all sorts of random stuff. we have key chains and mugs. everyone will love it.
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selling in service and service is selling. >> about a year ago, but it's just trending now on the internet. ♪ how about a scarf, you'll look dashing in jade ♪ . >> just to conclude, we learned that service is -- >> selling. and selling is -- service. >> it's top five time on the count down on our way to number one at number five, bikers beware and slow down. >> the united states is not the only place that has silly laws, and when i say silly, i mean silly. this is near the sea, and you see all of these people on
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bikes. do you see what that is? >> it's like a speed trap. it's photo radar for bicyclist. >> how would you know, you don't have a speedometer on your bike. >> right, but the mayor says he doesn't want moms and kids hit. >> it controls you into going slower. i don't necessarily think i disagree with this. >> this is not a bike track. you don't want people who think they're in the tour de france going by at 60 miles per hour. there is now a facebook page, and these people are not happy
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about it. another way for the government to take more of our money, some people said this is really messed up, and there has never been a death from the this. this is a real story. not real or fake time. this is actually something they're doing, photo radar for bicyclist. >> at number four today, a little spit, a shot of taser, and the video goes something like this -- >> take a look at sh surveillance footage in oklahoma. the woman you see there is in custody for public intoxication. if you notice, her arm on the desk behind her, she is in handcuffs. without warning, she spits in this officers face. this is officer steriling taylor. but watch his reaction, this is what has people talking --
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>> wow. wow. >> he pulls out his taser and deploys it. as the video continues, he circles around for her about a minute. follows here, and you see that the prongs are still engaged. >> obviously she was not a huge threat, she is in a room with a lot of other officers standing this watching. >> the police department did investigate this issue, and they found that taylor did violate the department's policy for handling tasers. he was put on a two week unpaid suspension and he has to undergo further training. many people after seeing this video want to see more done. >> it's never okay to spit on an officer like that, but what he did and how long he did it is
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we're back with a top ten
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countdown, counting our way to the number one video of the day football.irst weekend of nfl which fan are you? >> it's the very first football sunday of the 2012 season. i know you're a 49ers fan, chargers fan, panthers fan, steelers fan, let's put our allegiances aside for this video >> of course i love the steel s steelers, there is nothing else to do in western pennsylvania. >> i take that personally, guy, but he is pretty funny. game so i could watch it on tv. >> if a stadium doesn't sell out, and often times in san diego they haven't, the game gets blacked out. if the stadium doesn't fill up, the people there can't watch it.
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>> we have plenty of other things to do in san diego. >> i needed something to do when unc wasn't playing basketball. >> i will take that has a compliment. >> isn't there something fun to do other than basketball and football. >> all kinds of fun stuff. let's see what he says about san francisco -- >> i just came from -- >> the best one in my opinion is coming up, we're surrounded here by a lot of cardinals fans. >> that's hilarious. >> to see what he says about your team, go to >> coming up, a booty, a cup, and take a look. >> we heard of tworking, the
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thing you do with your butt -- >> yeah, the butt goes -- >> yeah, just like that. >> have you heard of booty clap? >> no, i'm talking about this. >> thank you for showing this to us. >> so this girl did a booty clap to flip a cup. >> i never thought, you know what, if i bend over and put a cup on a butt, if i can flip it over. >> if you recognize her, she was a contestant on "the bachelor pad." and she has been eliminated. >> i thought i had seen that butt before. >> how does she celebrate her win there.
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>> she gets up to give you a view of her other assets -- >> yeah, which -- right. >> number one is, well, a dude who is stuck. and then [ husband ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does. good morning, chickens! [ jim ] you know, that's our business. so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs
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for fresh, all natural chicken. [ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet. no animal byproducts, no animal fat. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. it's not gonna happen. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free, and we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did, and it's what we do today.
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they don't know what it is, but they know they want to check it out. >> all right, everybody, time for our number one video of the day.
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if you ever think you're stuck in something, think of this next guy. >> this video is from russia, it's circulating on the internet, and this guy who is a construction worker is dug down deep into this mud. this is russia, so they think well, how are we going to save this guy. at first, they think this guy can just hold on, that doesn't work, so what they try to do next is dig out a dhoung his right and give it a go again. he has a death grip and it last about a sec. >> this is obviously not your typical mud that you find in your backyard on a rainy day. >> this is serious -- >> this is construction mud. it's think and nasty.
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it's like quick sand. they try to dig out the other side. >> why don't they just scoop him. they come up from behind, very gently, and he gets a right back to savety. >> yes, and look the mud just comes right off. >> you know what this probably sounded like? >> that's it for the rtm top ten countdown. thank you for spending time with us, have an awesome weekend and we'll see you monday. ♪
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if you weren't on the orioles band wagon, last night's game should have you on your seat. dash cam video catch as shocking crash, a mailed state trooper hit by a tractor trailer as he talks to a driver he has pulled over. hear from the trooper who survived the horrific crash. today if you weren't sold on the team before last night, a lot of you are likely buying in after the amazing win over the yankees. that's the story at the ticket window throughout the day. fans are read


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